The Other World

Welcome to the world of cadavers. Anatomy dissection, formalin-exposed medical students will be leaving here in a while. These creatures who bravely donated their bodies for the advancement of scientific learning are commendable. They deserved to be accepted on the gates to heaven, cleansing their earthly sins.
The sight of dead people perfectly preserved in a fluid of formaldehyde. The smell of rotten rats stinking on your sanitary nostrils. The noise of your classmates destructing your concentration. Everything falls out of perspective.
I have no idea what to do with these bodies, not having enough knowledge and competency is never an excused in the life of a medical student. This is not college expecting spoon-fed materials and receiving instructions and supervisions most of the time. Working independently under minimal supervision is not uncommon practice in this setting.
I am not shocked to see all these bodies lying around waiting to be explored. Since this is still the first me…

A Short Note CSU-CM 2022

08.23.18. Freshmen orientation. 9AM-4PM/ 08.24.18. General Assembly 8:00-12:00
Excitement to unknown things, anxious of being together, noise, silence, awkward moments. What more can you expect from this orientation? Personally, I wasn’t feeling true and good to myself on this very day. Lots of emotions going on and wasn’t feeling very fresh. Although our seniors were welcoming and inviting, I wasn’t still convinced that I am finally here in this hallway at this hour. The plenary room was not overly decorated, the chairs were orderly arranged, and the air-conditioning temperature set in moderation. Keep in mind, this is Tuguegarao how hot can it get? We were introduced to some faculty; the dean had his words regarding school policies, scholarships, rules, regulations and somehow tips on surviving this rigorous training. A thorough discussion regarding rules and academic policies of the institution was facilitated by the Basic Medical Head and Secretary Dr. Bernal. 
The sophomore student…

Retaking the NMAT

I am taking the NMAT for the second time around. Don’t judge, I got a high rating last time peg at 96 percentile (taken April 2015). Now at 26 years of age and with some neuro-degeneration, I am retaking the NMAT. Simply because the medical schools I am applying for this A.Y. 2018-2019 will no longer honor my previous score. Only NMAT results obtained from the last 2 years are valid. Sigh L
Anyway, due to financial constraints and lack of strong personality (being the shy person that I am) I was not able to attend medical schooling within the two year validity period of my good score. But I believe that God has plans for me, so I was not disappointed. Every person existing in the infinite universe has his/her own perfect timing towards an end.
Now that the time for Medicine is ripe, I will be grabbing the opportunity to try my luck being admitted in Public/State Universities (my only hope for schooling). In fact I was already admitted last year at Cagayan State University but was not a…

Fr. Aquino Urges the 1st Midyear Graduates of CSU to Create an Impact

The homily session delivered by no other than Rev. Fr. Ranhillo Aquino was relevant and insightful. He gave an analogy of having a driver’s license yet being put in no good use. What you do with your license is more important than having the license per se. In like manner, having a diploma or certification is futile if not utilized for the benefit of many. Converting the paper into something beneficial to create an impact to the community, the family, or the public is a challenge to us (the graduates). For graduation according to him is not the end of the life long journey. The grades does not even matter to say the least. He stated that the word graduation was derived from the latin word gradus meaning steps or increments. Just like a ladder or probably a graduated cylinder, graduation connotes a degree of measure. The graduates are one step away from their previous circumstance. Having been imbued with the right sets of skills and knowledge to face the reality of life, graduates are…

Ayoko na sa Pharma

So ayun isa akong pharmacist, matalino may honor na grumaduate noong College sa magandang Private University, scholar pa ako mga bes. Nagtatrabaho na ako ngayon bilang isang Instructor sa isang Unibersidad sa North Luzon. Dati nagtrabaho ako bilang LabTech sa UB ng 6 na buwan bago ako nag board exam at pumasok bilang pharmacist samalaking drugstore. Nag enjoy ako ng 1.5 years sa trabaho bilang retail pharmacist. Pagkatapos noon ay nag resign ako dahil naboboring na ako sa paulit ulit na ginagawa—nagtitinda ng gamot, nagiinventory ng mga expired medicines and hinahanap yung mga nawawalang gamot—mga usual na gawain sa Pharmacy. Then, nag DOH ako. Bilang isang supervising pharmacist, iniikot ko  ang buong probinsya sa North Luzon. Lahat ng 9 na rural health units nito ay pinupuntahan ko. Nag stay ako doon ng 2 to 3 nights, kinakausap ang mga tauhan ng RHU, yung doctor, yung midwife, nagiinventory kung saan ginagamit ang mga gamot na binibigay ng gobyerno, etc. Okay naman ako sa ganong se…

Cycling through the Amazing Barangays of Tabuk City

As a novice cycling enthusiast (albeit the incomplete gear and old bicycle I used), I had the pleasure of visiting the entire 42 plus barangays of the City. From the plains of Agbannawag, the beautiful curves of Nambaran and Tuga to Masablang, the rolling hills of Bulo, Malalao and neighboring barangays, the roller coaster mountain hills of Naneng and the scenic, beautiful roads of Balong-Dilag constitutes the impressive power of the four districts of the City. Rice, corn, mango, bananas, coffee, coconuts are everywhere in the places. Wide, monstrous roads showcasing the engineering of highways greet everyone with a fresh view.  Located strategically in between mountains, the valley of Tabuk with several plateaus is truly a blessing in disguise.

The tapestry is too much of an art, intricately weaved and crafted by nature in such an impeccable way. Travelling along the neat roads provide one with euphoria that is unnerving to a novice cycler. The adventure is worth the effort and time …

The Pharmacy as a Discipline: A Homogenous Mixture of Science and Art

Pharmacy to the ordinary lay person may not seem fulfilling and promising, and in fact may even connote a negative view. To the Filipino people, pharmacist are "glorified salespeople" thinking that it does not require a 4-year BS degree to work in the exciting and varied practice of Pharmacy. The public's view of a pharmacist is a lowly profession who count pills in the counter, transacts in the cash registry and dispenses drugs, a job that does not require intellectual thinking to begin with. A job that could be done by any body trained in the corners of a drugstore (not necessarily a pharmacist) or even worse by an artificial intelligence such as advance dispensing machines.
But have you been informed that there is something more to than just dispensing? You may be surprised to know that a pharmacist can already administer vaccine  and/or participate in immunization programs, family planning activities, smoking cessation program, patient drug counselling and many more. …