Unofficially Heartbroken, Confused and Waiting

I have suffered enough heart breaks despite not having any relationship with someone. I have been single all my life for around 26 years of existence. I do not have a good concept on what love really feels. I never had any experience of intimate contact and constant communication with someone. I am isolated, loss and barred.
When I was 8 I have had so many crushes; immature and unsolicited. It was a childhood memory that is treasured, nonetheless forgotten. It was in my college years when I started feeling a little uncomfortable. I was confused and loss again, trying to fit in with the mainstream. Society has its own way of punishing minority groups, even labeling absurd things that ought not to be. I felt alienated and depressed, unable to express how truly I feel. Imagine having none on your family to back you up, with close to none friends as source of encouragement. Crazy as it felt.
There was this special girl in my Pharmacy schooling. She was a shifter from another course, simila…

Tuguegarao: A Burning Place of Love

The smiling sun traverse the city every day. With the warm welcome of locals and the love they spread to one another, a tremendous amount of heat energy is released adding to the total heat index TuguegaraoeƱos normally feel. The hot place is totally burning with passion and with so much fun. Did you know that studies has confirm that the sun can dramatically increase the level of happy chemicals and hormones into our brain making us feel less depressed? No wonder people here in the City are always smiling despite everything else. 
Being the economic, regional and educational center of Region 2, Tuguegarao stands high in her honor. It boasts diversity in language and people where a good mixture of Ilocanos, Ibanag, Itawes, Kalinga, Apayao, Tagalog reside. The culture is rich in folk dances, songs, stories and history. Cathedrals built in the Spanish times were preserved; artifacts and archaeological materials were also found in the place. 
Besides linguistic and cultural differences, ma…

An Agent of Change; God is Watching Infinitely

People are unique given their individual experience, hereditary material, trait and talent. Each has its own strength and imperfection. Nobody can do all things by himself at all cost. We are interdependent to one another. Given our freedom and rights, we are autonomous but the irony remain-- we need one another to advance. Progress has been associated with teamwork and the ability to help one another for a common target. Being able to connect and cooperate then is a power that each of us has to learn.
We live in an ever-increasing complex world where our needs and wants have revolutionized to a great extent. We have created solutions to problems but have created problems as by-products. Take for instance, robotics and artificial intelligence. AIs are more efficient and less emotional making production line skyrocket to a large degree. It has intensified the amount of products produced in a single manufacture. It has made safer workplace and eased the burden of men. But on the one si…

Millennial Opinion: Duterte is the best Philippine President

I could not agree more with the fact that we have in our generation the best president to ever live in our country. A person, although imperfect, has done countless glories for the country. A strong leader who is firm on his principles; a fighter who defends what may not be necessarily acceptable to the crowd yet essential for nation's growth. I have come to love the presidential style of Mr. Duterte. In fact, I consider myself lucky for living in today's generation-- for witnessing how he handles the issues our "Inang Bayan" faces. 
His zero-tolerance for corruption, drugs and criminality is truly admirable. He is a just individual who lives within us, common Filipinos. He rubs shoulder with the common citizen, dines with his police officers, and even drive in motorcycle himself to check whether the streets are clean. He has made radical changes for our country; changes that are worth more than the previous' administration. He has helped poor students like us unb…

Hindi Ikaw si Darna, Nahihibang ka ba?

Marami sa atin ang dumaranas ng hinagpis at kahirapan. Mga pagsubok na kailanma'y di natin malilimutan dahil sa pait nitong iniwan sa ating kalooban. Gayunpaman, hindi ba't pruweba na malakas ka at nalagpasan mo ang matinding pagsubok sapagkat ika'y humihinga pa? Isa itong sinyales na mahal ka ng Diyos, dahil ikaw ay nabubuhay pa dito sa planeta. Na kahit gaano kalakas na bagyo ang dumaan minsan o madalas sa iyong buhay, nakakaya mong bumangon. Nanliliit ka sa iyong sarili dahil sa tingin mo walang nangyayari? Pero huwag ka lang panghinaan ng puso, at tatagan mo ang iyong pananampalataya sapagkat darating din ang araw na nakalaan para sa iyo.
Hindi ikaw si Darna na kaya mong iligtas ang buhay ng lahat ng tao. Hindi ikaw si Darna na magbibigay kasagutan para sa lahat. Hindi ikaw si Darna para hindi humingi ng tulong kung ikaw ay labis nang nahihirapan. Bagkus, ikaw ay may limitasyon, sapagkat tao ka tulad ng iba. Kung sa tingin mo hindi mo na kaya, sabihin mo at humanap ka n…

BS Pharmacy for K-12 Potential Pharmacist, Philippines

Obtaining a Pharmacy degree is not as easy as being handed with the diploma. Just like any other professional career, it is worked out-- not too simply though. Becoming a pharmacist is not as easy as what you may think or expect it to be. In fact, it has so many complicated course outcomes to meet. The academic standard is surprisingly difficult but definitely rewarding to some degree.
If you want to become one of the best in the profession, you should take the program in a top school with a name. The roster of faculty and the select students will challenge you to become thee best in the field. Yes, it is true that learning in the end will depend on the student but a big motivational factor may come from external factors such as faculty, environment, facilities, classmates and the like.  
Pharmacy practice in the Philippines will ultimately expand to include administration of vaccine, participation in smoking cessation program, promotion of rational use of drugs, public health service a…

Ang Kahirapan sa Bansang Sinilangan

Labis na nagdadalamhati ang aking kaluluwa Hirap sa Pagkain, gutom ang sikmura Ang aking baga wala nang maihinga Nasaan ang Bathala, makialam ba Siya?
Kung bakit hirap ang minsa’y bansang sagana Madilim ang bawat sulok na nakikita Mga islang sagana sa perlas, walang pruweba Mga naniniraha’y nagtitiis sa dusa
Sa bawat bagyong bumabayo Hinagpis ang dala ng bawat peligro Ang tamis sa ngiti napilitang maglaho Mga bangkay na tinangay unti-unting bumaho
Buto at balata ang siyang natira Lantay na katawan kinain ng buwaya Pinagpiyestahan, pinatay ng walang awa Mga buwaya’t baboy di na nahiya
Labis niyang pagsisihan Kung bakit Siya’y isinilang Sa bansang alipin kanyang pinagmulan Gusto niyang makawala sa bilangguan
Nilibing ka ng dayuhan Sunud-sunuran sa kamadag ng cobrang makapangyarihan Maging sarili mong anak ika’y tinalikuran Para sa mas masarap na buhay sa ibang bayan
Sa Diyos nananalig, nawa ika’y kanyang tulungan Hinagpis ng inang labis na nagdaramdam Mga Pilipinong di nakikialam at walang pakialam
Patuloy na …